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Graduates of the AISU get an International Diploma, recognized by more than 2,337 universities in 90 countries and allows them to enroll in universities without exams.

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American International School and University (AISU) in Ukraine

First and foremost, our graduates are educated as successful personalities! Following the international program and the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine studying is facilitated in 2 languages ​​(Ukrainian and English).
Each learner is an individuality. A unique education program developed by the AISU team reinforces the abilities of each student in particular.

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We study the skills and talents of a child, work out an individual strategy to develop their linguistic, mathematical, physical and creative intelligences which consequently entails competencies formation.

In our program every learner has a school digital passport, which showcases their achievements and progress dynamic throughout the academic year.

Our teachers, including English native speakers, are highly qualified specialists. They focus on the learners’ efforts and real achievements rather than bands.

AISU collaborates with international universities. Our graduates enter the 3rd year of the University (2 + 2 transfer program) or get a job with our international partners.

The outcome of AISU is a multilingual person with competencies and essential skills for a high-paid job around the world.

  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners
  • Quantum CEO & our partners

6 reasons to choose AISU

  • Full educational system

    Kindergarten (Preschool)
    Primary School
    Admission to the 3rd year of universities in the United States and Europe

  • Languages

    English is the language of instruction
    Ukrainian is the language of instruction
    Chinese – is an additional language

  • High quality of education level

    Teachers are native speakers
    Compliance with international standards
    We widely apply high technologies

  • Unique development strategy

    -Individual program for each learner
    -Skills analysis at each stage
    - Competencies formation
    -Clear indicators of success

  • Versatile development

    Participation in volunteer programs
    Leadership program
    EQ and IQ raise
    Creativity and sports clubs

  • Health and safety

    24-hour security and video surveillance
    Medical service
    Healthy diet

Stages of education

From kindergarten to admission at prestigious universities in the United States

Kindergarten (Preschool education)

Holistic approach to upbringing. We form harmonious relationship with people and the environment.
We put forward the child’s personal, social and emotional well-being while educating and bringing them up.

Children aged 3-5

Your child will be able to:

- read poetry and sing songs in English and Ukrainian;
- do first self-realization steps: a small actor, athlete, artist, inventor;
- demonstrate their inventions from LEGO.



Primary School

Secondary school

Upper Secondary

General Education (2+2)

Competency-based eduaction

  • Digital passport

    We create an individual development plan for each learner with its further regular analysisand updates

  • Competences

    Languages proficiency, IT competence
    Entrepreneurship and creativity
    Inquisitiveness and Curiosity

  • Career design

    Our digital passport serves as thelearner’s future career advice.

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Cooperation with potential employers

AISU promotes the employment of graduates. The largest national companies are interested in raising their own personnel. To achieve this target, they are ready to invest in students’ individual achievements.

AISU aims to bring up successful and independent citizens of the world.

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Our campuses

Quantum CEO & our partners

Kindergarten (3+ years old), Primary and Secondary school
1, Dragomanova Street, Kyiv

Digital Marketing workshop lecturer

Upper Secondary (High school) and University 2+2 (admission to the third year of a US university)
1, Chavdar Street, Kyiv

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Kindergarten (3+ years old), Primary and Secondry school, Upper Secondary (High school) and University 2+2 (admission to the third year of a US university)
24, Melnitskaya Street, Odessa


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Our locations

AISU of Chavdara 11a (Gmiri 8)

Tel: +380 (50) 554 63 97Opens 8 am - 8 pm

Distance from:Center 14 km, 15 minutes

AISU Drahomanov 1a

Tel: +380 (50) 554 63 97Opens 8 am - 8 pm

Distance from:Center 14 km, 17 minutes

AISU on Melnitskaya 24

Opens 8 am - 8 pm

Tel: +380 (50) 554 63 97