Preschool education


AISU preschool education is a holistic approach to children`s education, their harmonious relationship with people and environment. It is based on mastering the necessary knowledge, on reaching a child’s personal, social and emotional well-being.

  • preschool education basics

  • classes with native speakers

  • various additional programs, author’s methodic individual strategies to develop a personality

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    qualified primary and basic education teachers

  • development of a child`s creative abilities (theater, music, painting, LEGO, chess)

  • psychological and speech therapy support

  • physical education (swimming, gymnastics, jiu-jitsu, dancing)

  • spiritual development of a child (visiting theaters, theme camps, arranging exhibitions)

  • morals, ethics and traditions as key factors in a child’s formation 

  • formation and development of a child’s leadership qualities through self-expression

  • exploiting the school infrastructure (library, swimming pool, gyms and dance halls)