Primary school


Primary school is the most sensitive period in a child’s development. For this reason, at this stage AISU’s main focus is to form a range of competencies necessary for further versatile development.
We teach to analyze, compare, find the main and solve problems.

We develop such abilities as self-improvement, responsibility, independency.

We educe the desire to create and cooperate.

AISU offers:

  • individual and innovative approach to studying

  • classes with native speakers

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    assessment according to quality indicators

  • development of a critical and creative approach to solving problems

  • forming leader`s thinking, independence in making decisions and ability to achieve aims

  • creativity development

  • physical development and health care

  • psychological and speech therapist support

AISU Primary education has:

  • modern teaching equipment and IT technologies

  • desks regulated a child’s height 

  • free space with boards, flip charts and maps

  • huge variety of active and board games

  • arts and creativity department with special equipment for activities with kids and for exhibitions 

  • wildlife spot with equipment for science experiments

  • recreation center with the carpet, puffs, chairs, cushions and games, of course

  • library area

AISU provides:

  • no homework for weekends and holidays

  • pedagogical collaboration between a teacher, a learner and the parents